Remember that time I tried to make a website for myself? Yes, it was this one. And yes, it was amateur hour.

I've been working as a community manager for just about a year now, and not one day out of the last 330 has passed without me learning at least one new thing. I've delved into my existing passions for social media and community building, and in the process, developed some new interests like social strategy building, online marketing, and advertising/SEO. 

As I continue to evolve as's community manager, I've decided to improve myself personally too. I'm constantly learning during the work day, and even still, I come home and want to learn even more. That said, I've decided to jump into a few projects.
First, I signed up for my very first class on SkillShare: HTML & CSS From Scratch in 30 Days. Hopefully, 30 days from now, I will have a (somewhat) beautiful and (mildly) impressive website to house the rest of my stories, thoughts, adventures, and projects.

I've also lined up tons of books and blogs to start following and absorbing knowledge from. I'll let you know how that goes.

In the meantime, any tips, tools, secrets, or kind words of encouragement are much appreciate.

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