I recently started taking part in My Community Manager’s “Community Manager Hangout.” As a somewhat new community manager, I was a little shy at first, but eventually started jumping into theGoogle+ hangout and now I can’t bear to miss it! 

Along with a Tweetchat at #cmgrhangout, the hour-long weekly conversation is an awesome way to connect with other community managers as well as an opportunity to learn different strategies and ideas that do and don’t work while building a community.

If you’re a community manager or want to be one, I would recommend following along and, if you’re ready, jumping in!

Huff Post Live is up for Mashable’s Innovation Index awards, and I think you should all vote for it. 

Why, you may ask? Because, frankly, HuffPostLive is the coolest thing ever. If you aren’t sure what it’s all about, check out this page which answers any questions you might have about the concept and how it works.

Basically, it’s a website that has 12 hours of live streaming “shows” every day of the week (Monday - Friday) that talk about a variety of issues that are being covered by the Huffington Post that day. So, essentially, it’s a place you can go to watch and partake in discussions with real live people in real time about what’s going on in the world.

If you think that sounds like a boring, online version of HLN or CNN Newsroom, well, you’re wrong. Not only does Huff Post Live talk about tons of interesting topics - I just watched one a few days ago about why men cheat - but the personalities and discussions are different each and every time. When HPL has a new segment planned, it crowdsources possible guests by asking if anyone - that’s right, anyone - has been in a similar situation to the one they’re talking about or is an expert on that topic, and invites them on air.

This brings me back to the “innovation” thing. Not only is Huffington Post Live extremely innovative in the news space, but it’s also one of the most innovative community builders I’ve ever seen. Encouraging everyone to join in on the discussion virtually eliminates every boundary there ever has been to discussing current events. If you have a direct connection to the discussion, you could volunteer to be on air, or if you just want to partake “off air,” you can log in on any computer or smartphone and participate in the live conversation going on on the side. Where else can a community come together and discuss intellectual issues in real time?

The combination of video and comment-based discussion is also awesome. Video, of course, is exclusive as only a certain number of people can be in a Google+ hangout at once. Comments, on the other hand, can get completely out of control, especially without someone or something leading them in the right direction. The combination of the two, though, drives a structured yet open discussion. 

Compared to the other medias in this category (all of which I use and love), Huffington Post Live is without a doubt the most innovative. All of the apps here are awesome, don’t get me wrong, but the way HPL brings together content and community is truly innovative.

Vote for Huff Post Live in Mashable’s Innovation index here.

From My Community Manager:

“As marketer behind successful brands like Givenchy, YSL, Chanel, Lancaster, Jure Klepic looks at products differently to boldly crystallize marketing strategies that strongly resonate with consumers. 

He believes that social media is one of the fastest society-changing phenomenon seen in our lifetime. Through this website and his work, Jure hope to “poke” marketing planners into taking a new look at influence and innovation so they can use social media to get results.”

Last Friday, the enthralling Jure Klepic joined the Community Manager Hangout bunch as a featured guest. One of the most fascinating things that Jure explores and teaches is the impact of anthropology on marketing and community building. He explained early on that he talks with at least five different anthropologists on a daily basis and implements their findings into social strategies.