We've all heard it: now's the time to start using content curation as a part of your content marketing strategy.  There seems to be an endless supply of articles, blog posts, and tutorials on curation - we've done the research, read the articles, learned about all of the benefits and best practices. Now, there's only one thing left to do: actually get started.

After taking in as much information as possible on curation best practices, techniques, and tools, it's possible that you find yourself asking, "now what?" 

At Scoop.it, we have the answer.

We've all seen them, known them, unfollowed them, maybe even are them. This is by no means a comprehensive list (and by all means a rant), but here are some of the top Twitter characters who I will certainly not follow.

The folks over at SocialFresh put together this awesome infographic about community managers just in time to celebrateCommunity Manager Appreciation Day in a few weeks.

Check out the full infographic here, but I'll share a few tidbits that I found most interesting:

-Did you know that the majority of community managers are women? Girl Power!

-Additionally, 2 out of every 3 community managers works for a brand rather than an agency. Personally, I love working for a brandbecause I can fully dedicate myself to the company, our team, and our culture.

-Lastly, over 60% of community managers spend over 30 hours per week working on their community. Now, that's dedication!
Img: SocialFresh